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California First National Bank is an internet-only bank with no branches.

California First National Bank is an internet-only bank with no branches.

California First National Bank is an internet-only bank with no branches.

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Working Together to Create Win/Win Solutions

A large private K–12 academy in Indiana was in search of a financing solution for its upcoming student laptop program. The academy's accounting firm wanted the lease structure to meet certain financial guidelines, and the academy wanted payment terms that would match its cash inflows. CalFirst Government and Education Group worked closely with both the accounting firm and the academy in creating a Master Lease agreement that met these parallel requirements. The Master Lease also eliminated any need to re-invent the wheel on future leases by making desired changes only once and applying them to all future lease schedules.

Multiple Vendors + One Lease = CalFirst Government and Education Group 

A Pennsylvania school district not only needed to update software from two separate vendors, it also faced adding new computer systems to help implement the software project. Realizing that the software's cost would put them over budget, school administrators undertook a search for creative financing to meet their converging needs. CalFirst Government and Education Group proposed combining all three vendors under one lease, which streamlined the lease process and saved the district time and money in negotiating one lease instead of three. Almost as a bonus, the district saved additional money because the increased equipment cost allowed them to get a lower lease rate.

We Make It Easy… 

A public school district in Connecticut wanted to use leasing as a financing strategy for an extremely complex project among multiple vendors, with different ordering and arrival timelines for the equipment. Dealing with all these complexities, however, proved too daunting of a task for the school district to handle by itself. CalFirst Government and Education Group drew from extensive experience to oversee the entire project: we ordered all equipment, issued purchase orders to each vendor, and coordinated on-time equipment deliveries to the school. At CalFirst, our priority is to make the lease process simple and easy for our customers. In this instance, we shouldered a lion's share of the responsibilities so the school could concentrate on what it does best: teaching.

It's Not Too Late 

A school in New Jersey learned a valuable lesson that CalFirst Government and Education Group not only arranges lease financing… we also solve cash flow dilemmas. When the school had an urgent need for new technology, administrators did what they had to and ordered it immediately. But that left them with an unplanned cash flow shortage, and unable to order other items the school needed. That's where CalFirst Government and Education Group stepped in, first buying the newly acquired equipment from the school, then immediately leasing it back. This creative solution reimbursed the school its initial outlay and freed up cash to be used in other areas.

Small School, Big Problem

To be competitive with similar institutions in the area, a small private school in California opted to set up a state-of-the-art computer lab. CalFirst Government and Education Group helped the school take a comprehensive, long-term view that will pay dividends well into the future. Besides obtaining hardware, software and furnishings through a competitive lease that saved the school time and money, the lease also provided for planned replacements that would help avoid future obsolescence. Staff and students were assured of being able to work efficiently and effectively, according to a planned schedule for equipment replacement and upgrades. CalFirst Government and Education Group offered a quick yet far-reaching solution to what otherwise might have been a time-consuming process for school administrators.

Other Notable Transactions 

  • Financed $750K in AntiVirus software for all students at a public school in Alabama

  • Financed $400K in new laptop computers for each student at a school in Tennessee