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California First National Bank is an internet-only bank with no branches.

California First National Bank is an internet-only bank with no branches.

California First National Bank is an internet-only bank with no branches.

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Calfirst Non-Profit Group has a single purpose: to provide competitive lease financing to associations and charitable organizations in order to help meet their operating and financial objectives.

We understand the issues you face in providing the highest levels of service within the confines of strict budget controls. Charitable giving goals, accounting, continuing education services, member recruitment and retention, purchasing programs, communications, and conferences - all require considerable resources that challenge even the most experienced of association managers.

With Calfirst Non-Profit Group, you'll find a team of knowledgeable leasing professionals who understand the issues unique to managing non-profit organizations. We're committed to working within this specialized environment to structure lease financing solutions that open doors to the technologies and equipment you need at a cost you can afford.

Why Lease with Calfirst Non-Profit Group?

Calfirst Non-Profit Group enhances the power of leasing by allowing you to refresh property prior to the end of a lease, ensuring that you have the best technology and equipment possible.

This means you can:

  • Keep your computer systems current
  • Ensure greater operating efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance costs

And that's not all. We frequently finance not only the full cost of the leased asset, but also related costs such as installation, training, maintenance, and delivery. We can also provide tailored upgrade options.

Finally, the capital strength and stability of California First National Bancorp can provide us access to funds in financial markets at a lower cost, and we pass that on to you through lower lease rates. You'll continue to deal with the professionals at CalFirst, because we won't broker your lease to a third party as a lease broker or non-bank affiliated lessor would.