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California First National Bank is an internet-only bank with no branches.

California First National Bank is an internet-only bank with no branches.

California First National Bank is an internet-only bank with no branches.

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Our Business

California First National Bancorp ("CFNB" or the "Company") operates as a diversified financial services company with two primary businesses - leasing of high-technology capital assets to businesses and organizations nationwide and banking through a FDIC-insured national bank. 

California First National Bank ("CalFirst Bank" or the "Bank") offers competitive loans and leases to small and mid-sized companies, not-for-profit organizations, associations and both private and public educational institutions. CalFirst Bank provides customers with the convenience of banking anytime and anywhere. CalFirst Bank accepts deposits using the Internet, and the mail, and provides the security of FDIC insurance of at least $250,000 per depositor. 

CalFirst Commercial Finance Division ("CalFirst Finance") provides lease financing alternatives through customer-driven, service-oriented origination groups to businesses and organizations throughout the United States. With a focus on high technology and other capital assets, leasing solutions are delivered cost effectively through the innovative use of telecommunications, the Internet and express delivery services.

UniversityLease caters solely to the unique academic and financial objectives of colleges, universities, and research institutions in all 50 states. We offer lease-financing programs that preserve capital while enabling them to acquire the equipment and other capital assets they need. We also specialize in Tax Exempt Leases for qualifying State Institutions and Community Colleges. We help institutions to not only achieve its goals for today, but also secure a bright outlook for the future.

CalFirst Government and Education specializes in Municipal Lease financing for state and local municipalities as well as lease financing dedicated to serving private and public K-12 schools across the U.S. We finance all types of equipment used by Cities and Schools. These include: Fire trucks, Police Vehicles, Ambulances, DPW and Construction Equipment, Technology Hardware and Software, School Buses, and much, much, more.

Non-Profit Group serves to provide competitive lease financing to charitable organizations in order to help meet their operating and financial objectives. We understand the issues you face in providing the highest levels of service within the confines of strict budget controls. Charitable giving goals, accounting, continuing education services, member recruitment and retention, purchasing programs, communications, and conferences - all require considerable resources that challenge even the most experienced of association managers.