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California First National Bank is an internet-only bank with no branches.

California First National Bank is an internet-only bank with no branches.

California First National Bank is an internet-only bank with no branches.

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UniversityLease has been providing superb financing solutions for over 20 years to more than 600 colleges and universities nationwide. The common thread amongst our customers... their overall satisfaction with the services we provide.

 A College in South Dakota needed to create a program that universally put the same tablet PC into the hands of all incoming freshmen.  Their challenge was to do so without having a large fiscal impact on their budget while still being able to load necessary coursework on their tablets prior to the students' arrival.  UniversityLease was able to construct a unique financing arrangement that allowed them to acquire, image and distribute the equipment upon the freshmen’s arrival on campus.  Additionally, we created a payment schedule that allowed them to pay just twice a year, coinciding with the timing of receiving tuition from the incoming students.  In effect, it created no impact to their fiscal budget.

A University in Texas was in a pinch in that they needed to free up some capital for  unexpected expenditures that had come up mid-school year.  The problem was that they were restricted by certain bank and debt covenants that prevented them from borrowing money outright unless it was tied to a pre-determined project.  UniversityLease put together a plan that had the school pool together all recently purchased assets and essentially leased them back to the University (and provided the funds back to them in advance).  This “freeing” of funds allowed the University to move forward on much needed expansion with a new, emergency project.

A large private university in New Jersey was looking at upgrading their ERP software used by the University to run essential tasks such as enrollment, payroll, student loans and so forth.  They approached several of their partner banks regarding financing such an endeavor.  After many banks refused to finance due to the collateral, UniversityLease stepped in and provided the necessary bridge loan and financing for the vast undertaking.  The implementation and process of data conversion of data can be timely and expensive and carries no tangible value to a typical lender. Most banks will not finance a project without tangible property. UniversityLease saw this type of "soft asset financing" as an opportunity to show the higher education market that we are committed to them as lifetime financial partners.  

"We have worked with UniversityLease for over 9 years and have initiated and completed numerous leases with them. We have never been disappointed with their customer service or their ability to exceed our expectations from delivery to return. There are over 3,000 leasing companies in the USA and we chose UniversityLease."     
— A Community College in Cincinnati

 “The rate we received was very aggressive and UniversityLease was able to help us complete this transaction in the matter of a few days, just in time for our end of fiscal year. We came back to UniversityLease since they were straightforward from the beginning of the project with what they could do for us.”     
— A University in Illinois

"[We have] been doing business with UniversityLease for the last ten years. They understand the university's lease requirements and have funded all our leases without issue. I recommend UniversityLease and expect to continue our long-term business relationship."     
— A Missouri University of Arts, Sciences & Professions

“Leasing with UniversityLease has been a very effective way for [us] to keep up with changing technology while staying within our budget requirements. Working with UniversityLease has taken the stress out of financing [our] IT projects.”
— A University in Florida 

"The ability to act quickly and respond in a very short time-frame was not an issue for UniversityLease. [They] made it seem like a breeze...I had the quotes in time to spare for [a very short-notice] administrative staff meeting. This type of time-frame had happened on several occasions and UniversityLease performed the requirements and got the job done! Thanks [UniversityLease], for the professional, outstanding customer service you provided in our time of need."
     — A College in Texas

“UniversityLease assisted us with setting up an interest-bearing escrow account into which were deposited the entire proceeds from the financing and we were able to draw down the funds as needed, thus saving us a significant amount of interest over the first year. UniversityLease representatives diligently participated in [numerous conference calls] and helped to shepherd the process along to a successful conclusion.”
— A Seventh-Day Adventist University in Washington State