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California First National Bank is an internet-only bank with no branches.

California First National Bank is an internet-only bank with no branches.

California First National Bank is an internet-only bank with no branches.

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Why CalFirst?

CalFirst’s knowledgeable team understands the challenges that businesses and organizations face today. We know that rising costs and technological developments are changing how companies operate faster than ever. As leasing specialists, we know how to structure finance solutions that open doors to state-of-the-art resources at an affordable cost.

Our flexible and competitive leasing programs enable you to acquire the equipment and capital assets you need, while having the freedom to select the vendor(s) of your choice. We have a broad array of capital and operating leases to choose from, keeping your organization up-to-date and competitive within limited budgets at the lowest cost possible.

To develop a lease with  your needs and goals  in mind while providing  the added security of  partnering with a premier  leasing expert  with over 40 years of industry experience.

CalFirst’s business model is designed to provide the lowest cost financing possible to highly satisfied customers. This is achieved by a variety of unique components:

Well funded. We are a direct financing source and can provide you with the necessary funding for each of your equipment projects through internal financial sources. This allows for faster turnaround time, quicker approval and prompt funding of the acquisitions critical to your business's long-term success.

Low overhead. Implementing a low overhead approach to doing business is mutually beneficial. Having a single central location allows for more efficiency and flexibility, and virtually eliminates costs associated with travel, shipping, and inter-company communication. These savings are passed along to the customer in the form of lower lease rates.

Business agility. The ability to respond quickly and stay flexible within changing markets and economic conditions allows us to excel and grow. Our continued growth is another factor that ultimately translates into lower rates, stability, and customer satisfaction.

Innovation. Staying creative enables us to custom design solutions, meet higher customer demands, and overcome competitive challenges.

Use our capital to leverage your equipment needs and utilize/save your funds for future projects or other areas. CalFirst provides you the highest standard of customer service with your personal Account Executive who handles your relationship from day one.